Hi! We're Bored Mummy Team

Welcome to the divine chronosphere. Time is running out. We must save what’s left of the world by summoning the strongest Guardian of prehistoric times from the Divine Chronosphere. Awaken the ancient spirits to harness their power to restore earth and reinstate peace and order!

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Bored Mummy HRR

For many millennia, creatures that lurk in the shadows have been loyal guardians to mankind, taking the form of ordinary animals by day and their true form by night. There have been sightings of their true forms throughout history in paintings and artifacts...

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Bored Mummy Waking Up

BoredMummyWakingUp is a collection of 8,888 unique BoredMummy NFTs- digital collectibles living on the Ethereum Blockchain. Summon the legends that seal by powerful magic from the Divine Chronosphere. “When the New Moon Begins, King Tide Arise Only the Chosen one can awaken the Book of Death, where the summoning begins…”

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Bored Mummy Baby Waking Up

A collection of 3,888 unique NFTs in the form on Gratitute Drop from the team of Bored Mummy.

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Bored Mummy Roadmap

  • B
    Genesis Mummy 8888
  • B1
    Gratitude Drop
  • B2
  • B3
    Christmas/ New Year
  • B4
    Final Drop
  • ?

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